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The Eight Cures of Nature

Positive Mental Attitude

Avoiding Toxic Substances



Physical Exercise



Water And Earth


Weather Can Heal:

The climate influences our health more han you would initially think, as some types of climate directly affect- positively or negatively- certain diseases.

Thus it is a good idea to know the different types of climate so that we can make the most of their healing effect on specific diseases and disorders and, above all, benefit from their preventive effects.

- Humidity has a negative effect on certain disorders such as rheumatism,
while it can be very beneficial for others, for example, allergic asthma..

- All mothers know that when they take their child out in the buggy for some fresh air, after the initial excitement, he tends to nod off quickly. This is because the first effect of the wind is stimulating, even exciting, but then later becomes tiring.

- The forest climate is a magnificent sedative for the nervous system, and also improves respiratory functions.

- The maritime climate promotes an increase in weight and height of children and young people who are still growing, above all when accompanied by appropriate physical exercise, especially swimming.

Walking, swimming, cycling, rowing, cross country skiing are the exercises that provide the greatest benefit to the heart & circulation, both in terms of prevention and treatment. This requires a mild, constant effort.

While walking, the blood flow returning to the heart increases as the veins of lower limbs contract, and this leads to a series of benefits:

- it helps stabilize the heartbeat, preveting arrhythmia.
- it protects against arteriosclerosis.
- It helps to prevent heart attacks and angina. Indeed, under medical supervision, it is an essential exercise for people recovering from these disorders.
- it stabilizes blood pressure, and is therefore benefecial for people with low and high blood pressure.
- it reduces harmful (LDL) levels, while increases good cholesterol (HDL) levels.
- it prevents blood from accumulating in lower imbs, especially in the case of varicose veins. It also prevents chilblains, helps to combat phlebitis and edemas, and, under medical supervision, forms part of treatment indicated for intermittent claudication (limping).
- since it improves the blood flow to the lungs, it can help protect against respiratory infections.

Miracle: How To Treat Spinal Cord Injury?

I had a patient before. When he went out in the hospital.. I treated him in their place because he asked me too.. When i started to make an assessment or evaluation. His muscles are so stiff, his elbows and knees are bending, it's so difficult to make it straight.. Spinal Cord Injury patient like "Superman" star, died for secondary complication, he didn't die for having an injury in his spine..
Some people said that when you have Spinal Cord Injury, it is impossible to heal but they are wrong, there's hope.. When I already have a treatment plan for my patient, I didn't have second thoughts, I treated him as if there is hope.. But my patient didn't hope anymore that he will be cured because this is his third time to have a physical therapy treatment.. He is bedridden at all time. A bedridden patient could have a secondary complications. This are the management that I used in treating him:
- I always check his blood pressure all the time. This may lead to stroke, we will not exercise unless his blood pressure will go down.
- He is a complete spastic spinal cord injury patient. Gentle stretching on his elbows and knees x10 counts with 6 sec hold x 3 sets.
- Electrical Stimulation in elbows and knees towards extension x 20 minutes.
- Sitting for 20 minutes
- Bicycle Ergometrics x 20 minutes.
- Standing x 15 minutes with stabilization on his knees.
- Passive Range of Motion in all joints..
After 3 months the patient can now walk and hold something in his hand..
- Walking with walker with +1 maximum assist.
- Standing with +1 max assist.

1 year of treating the patient I can see his progress..
He is still a little bit spastic but at least he is now independent in doing something but needs assistance during walking..