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Model Diet to prevent Constipation


- Vegetable milk with muesli or with a puree made from wholegrain cereals.
- Six or eight prunes left to soak overnight.
- One unpeeled, preferably organic apple ( wash well ).
- A cup of herbal tea with a spoonful of sugar.


- Salad of beetroot, grated carrot and lettuce, or raw apples, chew well.
- Mixed vegetables with a little wholegrain rice or pasta.
- Fresh fruit and nuts (chew well).
- One or two pieces of wholegrain, dextrinated toast.


- Yogurt mixed with wholegrain cereal oats.
- Fresh fruit and prunes or dried figs left to soak overnight.

Before going to bed:

- Two teaspoonfuls of wheatgerm with a little water or a herbal tea (during the first week, linseed can also be added if necessary).

A Complete Sauna

1- Shower

2- Dry Yourself

3- Hot Footbath

1st session in the Sauna
4- Warm-up 8-12 minutes

5- Sitting Down relaxed

6- Lying Down

7- Sitting Upright for 2 minutes

8- Cool Down (8-12 minutes)

9- Fresh Air (Exercise)

10- Cold Water Jet

11- Cold Shower

12- Cold Full Bath

13- Hot Footbath

14- Rest

15- Cold Water Jet

16- Massage

17- 2nd Session in the sauna
Warm-up 8 -12 minutes

18- Sitting Down Relaxed

19- Lying Down

20- Cool Down

21- Sunbathing

22- (15 minutes Relax)

23- Juice to satisfy thirst

"These applications are alternative, you can choose whichever one suits you better,and the temperature can be adjusted to each individual."

The application of cold water produces a greater stimulation of the skin and a more intense reaction of the body. There are two well-defined stages.

1- The first stage is a direct, local response to the application. When exposed to cold the blood vessels in the skin contract, reducing the flow of blood through the skin.

2- The second stage is a general, reflex-type action, which consists of reactive vasodilation (dilation of blood vessels), which increases the flow of blood through the skin, giving it a reddish appearance.

In hydrotherapy treatments it is important to always favor this second, reactive phase by:

> Covering up in bed as soon as the application has finished,
> Taking physical exercise, or
> Applying friction to the skin.

"Never apply cold water to a cold body"